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  1. Aluveitie

    Check, help please

    I'm running the latest BIOS from ASRock on my Phantom Gaming X570 ITX, so far no problem. You'll just need to disable SetupVirtualMap in the OC config for the last two BIOS revisions. X or XT does not matter, the only difference there is the clock. If you didn't buy yet I'd strongly recommend to...
  2. Aluveitie

    Plz can you say me if this would work

    There is none. Apple has effectively blocked Nvidias drivers since Mojave, one of the reasons being Nvidia not wanting to share the source code of their drivers with Apple for validation. Also Nvidia sold Apple defective GPUs in 2008 and left Apple taking the hit. Since then no Mac has shipped...
  3. Aluveitie

    Big Sur Beta 9

    I heard disabling secure boot can help with download/update.
  4. Aluveitie

    AMD USB Port Mapping

    @RyzeCooker And what is the problem waking up? Screen staying black? Maybe try HibernationFixup with -hbfx-disable-patch-pci
  5. Aluveitie

    Plz can you say me if this would work

    WebDrivers have been discontinued before the RTX cards launched. They only support cards up to Pascal (GTX 10**). You can have the RTX in your system to use with another OS, but for MacOS you'd need a supported GPU and hide the RTX.
  6. Aluveitie

    Plz can you say me if this would work

    RTX cards are not supported on any macOS version, you'd need a second supported GPU. See
  7. Aluveitie

    Entering the community in about a month

    References can be anything from placeholder to a driver. There are references to to Zen APUs too. Apple can test things internally without ever releasing it. Until a Mac is announced with said GPU there is no guarantee it will work. It might already but I‘d wait until someone confirms it.
  8. Aluveitie

    Entering the community in about a month

    At least on the CPU side you can create a patch, the other question is if/when will support for Navi 2x be added to macOS.
  9. Aluveitie

    (solved) RX580 not working after sierra install

    Did you try different display ports?
  10. Aluveitie

    AMD 3700X X570 | Aorus Pro Wifi | Gigabyte RX5600XT

    @Anthrix You might need to change some OC settings with the latest AGESA updates, check out this thread:
  11. Aluveitie

    Big Sur Beta 7 can't update

    @albcc getting the update to show up in system preferences software update has nothing to do with either OpenCore or the AMD kernel patches... I'm reading this every time a new beta comes up, some people do not get it even on Intel systems. Disabled SIP is one cause for this for example.
  12. Aluveitie

    Big Sur Beta 7 can't update

    Experimental OpenCore branch on
  13. Aluveitie

    Budget ryzentosh build for general use (first time builder)

    AMD will announce Zen 3 in a couple of days and then the new Navi 2x GPUs two weeks later. If you don’t need it now I’d wait for the new hardware if only to get your selection a little cheaper
  14. Aluveitie

    "macos could notbe installed on your computer"

    XFX polaris cards are generally not recommended: Did you deactivate CSM?
  15. Aluveitie

    Radeon Pro VII announced! (Multi-GPU is back!)

    Not for Hackintosh, but there are quite some Mac users that use eGPUs to boost productivity... Who else are all those eGPU cases for?
  16. Aluveitie

    Radeon Pro VII announced! (Multi-GPU is back!)

    I've compared it here:
  17. Aluveitie

    Radeon Pro VII announced! (Multi-GPU is back!)

    AMD had left-over Instinct GPUs, built the VII out of it and sold almost all of them. It was win for AMD (they did earn some money instead of wasting the chips) and for professionals wanting a fast compute card for cheap. The VII still has ~7x the FP64 performance of an RTX 3080 just for some...
  18. Aluveitie

    Radeon Pro VII announced! (Multi-GPU is back!)

    The Radeon VII was flop mostly if you're a gamer. It was built as a compute card and was not too bad one at that.
  19. Aluveitie

    Need help with these specs for a RYZENTOSH

    Hard to say, but I’d assume you would at least know very quickly if it does not work out of the box as soon as the hardware gets available. The CPU is less relevant in this case (the 17h patches work the same for Zen, Zen+ and Zen 2). The big difference is in the chipset, so chances are high...
  20. Aluveitie

    I can not install hackintosh on my computer

    Clover is not officially supported for AMD anymore. As the above poster said, follow the Dortania guide to set up OC.