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  1. Neal Caffrey

    X570s Riptide Fenvi bluetooth not working.

    Hai, does anyone have tried using Asrock x570s Riptide mobo? My current setup is Asrock x570s Riptide Mobo Ryzen 9 5900x RX6800XT Fenvi T919 Currently using Opencore v0.7.7. All kext update to latest version. My problem is, after i change my mobo. Fenvi bluetooth is not working. Seems like it...
  2. Neal Caffrey

    Its seems it doesnt use my config.plist NVRAM after reset.

    I accidentlt reset the nvram at the OpenCore boot menu, after reboot it doesn't read my NVRM settings in my config.plist anymore. I try to put anything in the boot arg, nothing changes. The apple logo resolution turns big and my sound doesnt work. Then i tried to switch into my 2nd bios and it...
  3. Neal Caffrey

    Hackintosh freezes during large file transfers

    My whole system will freezes after several minutes when I transfer large files. I tried to clone my HDD, at first I thought it was apps problem. Then when I transfer files from my external to my SSD, it happens again. Try a few times the same result, freezes after a few minutes transfer. Does...
  4. Neal Caffrey

    2K Monitor goes blank at login screen after bootup.

    Anyone experience this? I recently changed my monitor to Samsung 2K 144hz monitor and it went blank after bootup at the login screen. I need to unplug and replug my HDMI cable 2 times then it showed up.
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