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    Vault Errors when trying to Add kexts?

    Hi, When trying to add kexts to my config.plist and to my kexts folder, I always get the message "file access not present in vault." What am I missing here? I add to folder, add to config.plist with all proper fields (using previous add entries as examples) Vault in config.plist is set to...
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    USB Mapping Assistance - ASRock X570 Creator

    Hello, So to my knowledge, the last thing I need to do for my computer is get my USB ports all working (specifically the USB-C ports). Reading the guide with very little understanding of the MaciASL language. I only have two USB-C ports but based on the text I'm reading in my file it registers...
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    First Build - Freeze at Apple Logo

    Hello! I'm working on making my first Hackintosh and when I get to the boot menu, I click the Mac OS, but it freezes at the Apple Logo Ryzen 9 3900x ASRock X570 Creator Motherboard (Really need to have both the USB-C ports in the back working GSkill Trident Neo 2x32RAM Gigabyte Radeon Vega 64...
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