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    Extremely slow boot time after upgrade

    Could be incompatible kexts. When I used the IntelBluetoothInjector.kext it caused the boot time to be about 5 minutes and a bunch of other things became broken.
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    bye smalltreeintel in Beta 9

    AppleIGB has occasional lag spikes for a few seconds, but it is usable.
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    Stuck on "#[EB|LOG:EXITBS:START]" | OC 0.7.3, Ryzen 5 1600, RX580, B450M S2H

    I got stuck here as well. Make sure you use the latest ProperTree. UEFI -> Drivers are now Dictionaries, not Strings.
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    Can't update to 11.4. (or 11.3.1) from 11.2.3.

    There was an update to the patches to fix some booting issues with 11.3. Not sure if related, but if you haven't got that, it could be the problem.
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    [EB]#LOG:EXTIBS:START] - Opencore

    You can easily tell by looking at the "MaxKernel" version. Experimental patches will show 20.99.99, while the non-experimental patches will show 19.99.99.
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    [EB]#LOG:EXTIBS:START] - Opencore

    I checked all the config.plist files attached in this thread and you are all using the old patches. You need the experimental patches for Big Sur to work.
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