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    Solved Help to switch from big-sur 11.1 to 11.6

    Hi everyone, I state that I am using Open Core 6.3. I tried to update from BigSur 11.1 to 11.6 but the system hangs on reboot to upgrade. At this point, I tried to install OC 0.7.4, but even in this way, the Update operation did not give a positive result. I attach my EFI-OC.6.3 directory...
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    ASUS X570-Plus Wi-Fi. the "wi-fi" not Work! (solved)

    Hello, I discovered today that the wi-fi not working in my Hackintosh. Which is the .kext want to use for my motherboard? Grazie for your support.
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    System Preferences --> Processor : 4,1 Intel Core i5 8 Core (WAY ?)

    I would like to modify the preferences of System with a true Processor installed in my PC : Rayzen 3700X Is it possible (maybe to modify the same setup on the config.list !)? Best Regards!
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    Switch from OC 0.60.0 to 0.63.0, NOW IT WORK !

    My system works very well, but only with OC 0.60.0 When I try to update a OC 0.63.0 the machine start regularly but after 3 minutes reboots. I tried a very timeS without success! Below the sequences for preparation of EFI directory : STEP 1 : COPY from EFI-OC-0.60 OF the full dir APPLE in...
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    Sabrent SSD 500GB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 - right installation

    Hello, Yesterday I had installed the new Sambren Rocket M.2 (PCIe 4.0). Everything works, BIG SUR starts, and every activity takes place regularly. I would like to be sure that the system exploits the new HD to its full potential. Do I need to install any specific Drivers? My motherboard is an...
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    New Installation BIG SUR 11.0.1 - No Audio (SOLVED)

    Hi, I have now finished installing BIG SUR and everything works except the audio. I used a guide found on Github and its EFI file. Unfortunately, this guide is based on OC 0.6.0 and probably worked 100% with Big Sur beta (was experimented with this release). I tried to convert it to O.C. 0.6.3...
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    Setting up after installation

    Hello everyone, After 4 days of battle, I managed to install Catalina 10.5.15. I would now like to fix some things to optimize the system but I need help from you. Below are the errors that I managed to identify in my system. Boot: Open core on boot presents these messages (which I can't...
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