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    [HELP] Completely Nvidia dGPU disabling

    Hello all! I'm trying to completely disable my GTX 1060 and use only my second GPU GT 740 for Hackintosh. I've follow both options from Dortania's Guide But the Issue here is that I can spoof it alright...
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    System Sleep wake Kernel Panic on Ryzentosh Ryzen 5 2600, GT 740, B450 Aorus Elite - Wake transition timed out

    Hello all, I'm running Mojave on my Ryzentosh on a B450 Aorus Elite with R5 2600, 16 GB ram and GT 740 2GB. I can get my hack to sleep, but when it awakes, turns on the fans and power lights but no screen. After 3 minutes it reboot by itself. I've already mapped the USB ports and even...
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