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    Can't upgrade to monterey

    I downloaded update, start installation, I arrive at reboot and I find myself with the classic Macintosh Hd disk at boot. I start that but nothing, in a few seconds the pc restarts. After several attempts I start the standard mac hd, but I always end up with big sur. I have OC 0.7.4 and set...
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    Smsbios macpro7,1 or iMac1,1

    according to what criteria do you choose one or the other smbios for a ryzentosh? I have an X570 gigabyte aorus elite Ryzen 7 3700 Rx 5500 xt MacPro 7.1 is a good choice?
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    Rx 5500 XT 4 gb performance good?

    Hi everyone, this opencl score difference is normal? I applied the @Shaneee patch's and removed whatevergreen Attach my efi
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