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  1. Vlad Vovk

    State of Ryzen Software Compatibility for Developers

    Hi) I am front-end dev. Use Ryzantosh for developing SPA, PWA. For docker, I use this solution. It works very very good for me. But if you really need a lot of apps that are only partly supported in Ryzentosh, maybe you can try with intel?
  2. Vlad Vovk

    Can I get work Intel hackintosh on AMD pc simply changed EFI folder?

    Yes, it must work, because you have vanilla Hackintosh. All file from macOS system is not modified and must work with new EFI folder for intel/and machine I also watch video on youtube, and it works fine
  3. Vlad Vovk

    Random freezes, only mouse cursor works

    I have same issues( Don't know how fix it
  4. Vlad Vovk

    [Update OC 0.5.9] Ryzen 5 3600X, Gigabyte Aorus Pro X570, Sapphire RX580 8GB Pulse, Catalina 10.15.5

    Yes, I have 1 keyboard USB, 1 USB mouse, 1 usb-hub, 1 USB audio card
  5. Vlad Vovk

    AMD Ryzentosh Success!

    I think you must post it not in "Post Installation". Maybe to "Succes"? BTW how you setup sleep? Did you overclock your CPU? I have 3600X but it shows like 3.8 GHz
  6. Vlad Vovk

    Sudden slowness

    What do I need to do if I cant find this option in my bios? MB: Gigabyte X570. I have the same issues as the author of this post
  7. Vlad Vovk

    [Solved] System random shutdown OC 0.5.9

    I think it helps. Tested my system, and all is good. I have a few issues with this kexts before. In this post, I write about it. So I don't want to use it a future) So much problem with it.
  8. Vlad Vovk

    [Solved] System random shutdown OC 0.5.9

    No, I don't use it. It was clean config.plist from realising OpenCore 0.5.9, and Datahub section is ignored, when Generic info is not empty
  9. Vlad Vovk

    [Solved] System random shutdown OC 0.5.9

    Yes, I follow a guide for bios and other settings. Will try to remove SMCAMDProccesor and AMDRyzen cpu management kexts
  10. Vlad Vovk

    [Solved] System random shutdown OC 0.5.9

    My system starts random shutdown. It happened 2-3 times/day. System freezing for 2-5 sec and shutdown. Any kernel panic or reports I don't get. My EFI folder in attaches and screenshot. MB: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: Crutial Balistix 3733 - 16 Gb GPU: Saphirre Radeon...
  11. Vlad Vovk

    [SOLVED] USB Audio micro pauses and fills up logs

    I have the same issues. Does it really help?
  12. Vlad Vovk

    Ryzen 3900x, Aorus Elite x570, AMD RX 5700, TP-LINK UB4A

    I have the same MB, but sleep does not work. How you set up it?
  13. Vlad Vovk

    [success] video freezing at system - need remove SMCAMDProccesor kexts ver 0.6.1

    I had tested my Hackintosh for one week, to find it But after removed this kexts my system start working good)
  14. Vlad Vovk

    [success] video freezing at system - need remove SMCAMDProccesor kexts ver 0.6.1

    After removing AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement and SMCAMDProcessor video stoped freeze
  15. Vlad Vovk


    If I'm not mistaken, your video card is not supported in Mojave and Catalina.
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