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    Kernel Panic, installation Monterey

    Hi guys, I tried to completed my second hackintosh, this time I should install Monterey, My setup is: X570 Gigabyte aorus ultra Wifi rx 6800xt Sapphire + Nitro Ryzen 9 3900x ballistix crucial 32 Gb 3200Mhz 1 sabrent Nvme 4.0 , 2 kingston Nvme A2000, 1 SSD samsung evo 870 Sata for ethernet...
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    Problem with Nvidia web driver (High Sierra 10.13.6 17g14042)

    Hi guys, I have a big problem with Nvidia web driver. I am using open core to complete a hackintosh. I installed high sierra 10.13.6 (17g66) then i upgraded to the version (17g14042). When I install the Nvidia web drivers and reboot the system, the screen goes black and I can't do anything...
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