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  1. dogukan0055

    Monterey on AMD FX-6300 hackintosh: 2 issues

    Hey man, may i ask how did you install Monterey on legacy system , FX 6300 processor? I do have Fx 6300 and Asus M5A78L-M LX3 mb but can't figure it out. I got gray screen on OC, stuck at end random seed on clover and another failure is waiting for root device on OC. I'm gonna try your EFI right...
  2. dogukan0055

    Stuck at End Random Seed, Legacy PC Clover

    Hi everyone! I've an old pc, therefore I'm using clover. Trying to install High Sierra, but can't pass verbose mode. Stuck on this damn thing. End Randomseed stays forever, computer freezes. I've looked up online many different pages and they all tell like change config or use those commands or...
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