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  1. jthunternz

    Win10 Dual Boot - Desktop clock wont stay correct

    Hi, Since having a dual boot system with Catalina and Win10. The desktop clock in my Win10 installation wont stay the same between reboots. I.E it says its 7:09pm but actually its 8:09am. I haven't changed any windows settings etc. Wonder if anyone can help with this?
  2. jthunternz

    AMD USB Port Mapping

    Hey! So I've been running my hackintosh for about a week now and I figured its about time to do my USB port mapping so I can get sleep working etc. I've been following the Dortania guide but my IORegistryExplorer looks nothing like anyone elses and I cant get it to change when plugging devices...
  3. jthunternz

    Cannot Disable SIP?

    Hi, Got my catalina install up and running finally. Fixed a few things. I'm trying to test my NVRAM following the Dortania tutorial but I cannot clear or use the NVRAM commands with SIP enabled? I have changed the NVRAM csr-active-config variable. I shall add that I am changing the EFI...
  4. jthunternz

    Problems with Installing Catalina

    Hi, I've been trying to install Catalina. I can get to the OpenCore menu, and select MacOS but it doesn't make it any further. my config.plist works on the Checker Attached a zip of my EFI and a log file below. Hope someone can help! BIOS SETTINGS Fast Boot = Disabled CSM = Disabled 4G...
  5. jthunternz

    Hackinotsh Compatibility Check

    Hi I wanna multiboot macOS, here are my specs. The SSD I list is the one I will be installing to, not the one I have Windows installed on. Motherboard: Aorus x570 Elite Wifi CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X GPU: Aorus RX5700XT RAM: 16GB Corsair Essential 2666mhz SSD: Crucial MX500 250GB M.2 The onboard...
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