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    Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero - AMD 5950x - 6900XT - Big Sur 11.5 beta(20G5023d) - O.C 0.6.9

    Wow what a journey, first hackintosh but so far well worth it. Most things work great, I'm sure maybe a few things could be improved but it's almost there. Going to there my EFI and files used, hopefully this helps someone with a similar setup and maybe we can get it to work even better. My...
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    Big Sur 11.4 beta x570 dark hero installation issue.. please help

    So i'm kstuck.. maybe it's something dumb on my part, but i'm also new to this. I followed the opencore guide, looked at some efi examples. So far i get to the install macos boot menu, it starts scrolling down and than the monitor just turns off and nothing... the EFI sanity check site say my...
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