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    Adobe Photoshop 2021 crashed in AMD hackintosh

    Hm, I had already uninstalled it but wanted to try again, so reinstalled the latest version. I did a dry run before and tried to patch the libraries it found individually, but ran into that error. Your command is far more efficient. It seems Neural Filters also work? (At least SuperZoom when I...
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    Adobe Photoshop 2021 crashed in AMD hackintosh

    Yeah, AMDfriend needs some work. It can both analyze and report succesful patching yet complain in the middle of the process it can't find the file or something. sudo amdfriend --in-place --sign /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Analyzing and...
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    Monterey (12) - OCB: LoadImage Failed Unsupported

    I have to ask, what is up with that profile pic?
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    [solved]OTA update to 12.3.1 not success

    Good to hear!
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    [solved]OTA update to 12.3.1 not success

    Be sure to load the BlueToolFixup.kext
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    12.3.1 solve Radeon NAVI problems

    Great news! Gonna upgrade later today. Have updated, about 30 minutes in total. 🥳
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    IS it possiable to do latest vm software on amd hackintosh

    I wonder if the AMD/Intel calls could be fixed through RestrictEvents.kext , but won't be holding my breath for it. :)
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    [SOLVED] RX 5500 XT Monterey 12.3 FIX

    Does that fix have an impact on fan speed of the card? I hear different things about it (that it runs on full speed after applying said fix)
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    Update to 12.3

    There is definitely something wrong with performance after 12.3, not even Hackintosh related. If you haven't yet, best not to update to 12.3 at this time.
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    Before updating to Monterey 12.3 Beta (21E5196i)

    Reading other forums, there are problems with the Radeons even with Intel processors Reading experiences, I'm gonna hold off. This sounds like a 12.3.1 will probably be out soon.
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    I'm pretty sure OpenCore 0.5 won't cut it with Monterey. There have been too many changes in between, especially with Monterey. Best start from scratch with 0.7.9 (out today!)
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    Interesting, an MSI board yet on Monterey? I've heard horror stories about MSI and Monterey - or are those fixed by now (got a Gigabyte board myself)
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    Problems starting installation on Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite

    I would try using the DEBUG version of OpenCore and adding -v to your boot arguments. That would give you a bit more information where things go wrong (which can be numerous). We can then help. You could also upload your EFI and have some of our boffins take a look at it.
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    Is It Safe To Upgrade to 12.2?

    So, 12.2.1 is out. Anyone hit upgrade yet? 😇 EDIT Turns out that anyone was me. About 20 minutes later, no issues.
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    X570 Aorus Elite, RX 6900 XTXH, 5900X FINALLY :)

    PSA: be sure to remove your own serials from the EFI before uploading!
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    Apple Music on Monterey

    Is anyone subscribed to Apple Music on Monterey? I was trialing the service to replace Spotify. Worked on my Android phone, but the Apple Music app never synced anything and trying to access the account from the app (icon top right) it vomits up app.js[2031:72] Error which a lot of real Mac...
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    hello every one

    That first 'Hello' was flawless! ;) Welcome!
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    Is It Safe To Upgrade to 12.2?

    Weird ****: I start the upgrade from System Preferences. It downloads 12.2, then takes about 15 minutes preparing, then wants to restart. It then does about twenty minutes "of something" underneath the black screen / Apple logo... then presents me with the regular login screen... which is still...
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    Is It Safe To Upgrade to 12.2?

    I'm gonna hold off until braver people than I have gone before me. 😅
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    Waves Plugins Fix

    Maybe edit out your serial, just in case.
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