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    How do you change CPU title when it just says "Processor 3.5 Ghz"?

    I've tried cpu-name without any luck, and it doesn't seem like any of the guides out there pertain to when it doesn't say "unknown" or the wrong CPU. Screenshot for reference:
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    Getting rid of "1 alert" after trying MacPro7,1

    Early in setting my system up, I decided to try MacPro7,1 to see if it would run any better. It didn't, and it started complaining that I have too much memory, and that the slots are too full. Now back on iMacPro1,1 but the error persists. Sort of. The memory dialog is fine: But "1 alert" is...
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    Download speed for I211-AT NIC not showing

    I have an Intel I211-AT gigabit NIC and a Realtek 2.5gbps NIC. I don't currently have the Realtek setup as the kext I found wouldn't work for it. But the Intel one refuses to register a total download speed in Activity Monitor and iStat Menus. It shows per app speeds, but not total. Example...
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    Perfect build except 2 issues (networking/graphics)

    Hi everyone, Recently completely a build with the following: Board: MSI X570 MEG Ace CPU: 3950X Graphics: MSI 5700XT (using WEG with the flag) Running 10.15.4 and OC 0.5.7 Everything works super well, and I'm thrilled with it. The guides on here were a huge help, and I completed everything in...
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