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    Big Sur upgrade - hanging on boot install?

    Hi guys, i am trying to upgrade to Big sur but it is hanging on installation, any ideas why? thanks
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    Mini-itx board upgrade

    Hi guys I have the below specs which I want to get faster USB3.1 gen 2 and need to upgrade the mobo for faster transfer speeds with my NVME as its only gen 1 at the moment on the B450i Gaming plus motherboard. Anyone running high speed USB with their mitx board? should I move to the B550 boards...
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    0.5.9 to 6.2?

    Hi all I have tried 3 times to upgrade but each time I get error when booting., kept getting OCS: no schema error message What is the best way to upgrade? Thanks
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    BT not working with MacOS BCM94360NG

    Hi All, I got a BCM94360NG card which Wifi seems to work fine but cannot seem to see or get Bluetooth to work. Under hardware nothing shows up in Bluetooth. Maybe its a faulty card not sure, have emailed the seller to see if they can send a replacement. I have it plugged into an MSI B450i...
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