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  1. silvergraphs

    CSR Bluetooth Dongle Problems

    Hello, i have problems with this USB 5.0 CSR dongle, it works perfect on Windows but on OSX in my hackintosh nope. First of all, the device is not recognized by the system (the Bluetooth logo does not even appear in configuration, but if I disconnect and reconnect it several times on the same...
  2. silvergraphs

    Bluetooth Dongle

    Hello guys, i bought a Bluetooth Dongle CSR v5.0 it works perfectly on Windows but does appear nothing on OSX, i have Big Sur, any way to fix it?
  3. silvergraphs

    NVMe SSD slow boot on Big Sur

    Hello, as the title says, i have a problem with my Hackintosh, my NVMe is very slow on OSX booting, it takes up to 45 seconds to boot compared to Windows booting that takes up 15 seconds or less. Any way to fix it? My specs: AMD R5 1600AF 16GB RAM DDR4 RX 570 4GB XPG SPECTRIX S40G NVmE 256GB...
  4. silvergraphs

    is big sur stable for development?

    this is the question
  5. silvergraphs

    NTFS drives only shows folders on Finder

    Any fix to this? Im using FUSE 3.11.0 and ntfs-3g
  6. silvergraphs

    Windows Fast Startup Mode issues

    I have dual boot installation on same SSD, both Windows and macOS, with OpenCore 0.6.0. By enabling Windows Fast Startup feature, it gives me various problems on Catalina. When I restart instead of shutting down from Windows these problems do not appear (because this feature only applies to...
  7. silvergraphs

    I have this error installing Catalina

    How to fix? Clean install on ssd with apfs and with OpenCore 0.6.0 this happens on the 2nd restart after downloaded OS files Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. silvergraphs

    'Other' high consumption of the disk

    What is this Other content?? Any way to delete it? Thank you.
  9. silvergraphs

    Poor performance

    In any operation of copy, paste, or doing something with development tools (like npm install) it takes much longer than normal, what could be the problem? Important: I am using HDD disks for some operations, but when I do operations also on the SSD they are somewhat slow, or to perform...
  10. silvergraphs

    Dual Boot Windows & macOS

    Hi guys, previously had a dual boot installation of Windows and macOS, everything worked fine at the time of boot, I select from the BIOS, not from the OpenCore menu, which system wanted to boot, whether Windows (Windows Boot Manager) or OpenCore, but from one day to the next (I think it was...
  11. silvergraphs

    GPU poor performance, is it because of Hackintosh?

    Hello friends, as the title says, I notice that the performance of my GPU is much worse in macOS than in Windows, even when using programs and others in macOS it is relatively fluid but it shows a bit strange. As if there was a loss of performance. I assumed this was for the hertz difference on...
  12. silvergraphs

    Strange mouse input

    As I describe it in the title, I have a very different entry in macOS than in Windows (obviously) but, can it be solved in any way? It is a bit annoying, since the mouse is moving at a slow speed and slowly it is as if the sensitivity was raised without touching anything, all this every time the...
  13. silvergraphs

    Sudden slowness

    I notice that my system works well, but on certain occasions it starts to jerk, and after a few seconds it returns to normal, for example sometimes I am listening to music and programming in Visual Studio Code and suddenly everything slows down, the music , it starts to lag, the cursor, and...
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