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    can't upgrade Monterrey 12.1

    Hello!! I can't see this update on my preferences. do I have to change something on my EFI. I'm running 12.0.1 and want to update to 12.1
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    Help please

    Hi!! I need to do a screen record with audio, is it possible? Can you tell me how? Thanks
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    Magic Keyboard on OC

    Hello there!! i have the following problem. When opnecore is restarted and I want to select any of the two Operating Systems, my Magic keyboard does not respond to any key, but once the system is started, the mouse works as well as the keyboard ... How can I solve that?? Thank you
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    Nvidia gt710

    Hello !!!! Is Nvidia GT710 supported in Monterrey? I've updated to 0.7.4 but in system preference can not see it. Can you please help me? Thanks
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    Upgrade from 7.0 to 7.2

    Hi everybody!! I'm trying to update OC 7.0 to 7.2 with no luck. I receive a message "Failed to parse string field as value with type boolean and <Auto>contents, context <CustomDelays>! can you help me please with this? Thanks
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    NVIDIA GT710

    Hello everyone!! Can you tell me if this card have graphics acceleration with Catalina or Big Sur? I'm getting crazy trying to find it but it is impossible for me... Thanks for your help.
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    nvme ssd show as external

    is there someone to help with this??
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    USB map Kext is missing

    Hi everybody!! I ´m trying to usb mapping but when I download the file , it says it not found. AMD-USB-Map.kext I have a B450i gaming plus ac with AMD 3 1200af. Bluetooth is missing at all from system preferences. Anybody can help me with this? Thanks in advance...
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