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    In dual-boot menu windows disappeared

    Well I reinstalled Windows 10 on my second ssd and after that in dual-boot menu Windows just none and Windows wrote bootloader to efi on macOS sdd. i don't how it is happened question is how to put windows back to dual-boot menu? Here a screenshot in attachments.
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    Ryzen 3900 | ASUS STRIX B350-I Mini-ITX | ASUS STRIX RX5700XT | Catalina 10.15.5 | OC 0.5.9 | Multi Core: 8437 Metal: 75028 | Fractal Design Note 202

    Hello everyone from Russia! So after 3 days I at last finished install the system and system works! In total everything working well, here some things that doesn't work: 1) Sleep. 2) When macOS starts, alert shows that i installed more than system allows to install, I have 16gb RAM and MacPro...
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    OC: Failed to load configuration

    OpenCore Sanity Checker everything is okey Vanilla Guide but just failed to load configuration i don't know what to do now please help my config asus rog strix b350 i gaming itx ryzen 2600x radeon 5700xt
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