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    AMD USB Port Mapping

    My USB is also in a mess, I can't understand it. And it doesn't show up at all in hackintool.
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    Who has AMD, USB custom tutorial

    Thank you administrator. I tried to make it, but it didn't succeed. I'm studying it。 AMD FX -8100,ASUS M5A99X,AMD Radeon R9 380,micron m500dc 480g,DEL4073 DELL U2312HM
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    AMD USB Port Custom Mapping Mini Guide.

    I don't know why,My computer's USB port is empty, no green or gray
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    Who has AMD, USB custom tutorial

    It's all Intel on the Internet。My AMD,Sub3.0 does not work。I want to find more information and learn how to make it。thank you very much。
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