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    Mini-ITX 6800XT 3700X, 2 OS Success!

    Hey guys, Had a big issue getting cpu optimisation right (user error) but with the help of t_riikonen's EFI, I figured out where I went wrong. Now am happily booting Windows for games and MacOS for work on the same machine without issue. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Dortania...
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    Hi, having big issues with AMD_Vanilla. Can someone please help?

    Hi, I've been trying for the majority of the last 24 hours to get Big Sur working. Every time, it's been Patch 1 of AMD-Vanilla OC. I've reinstalled, re-downloaded, and checked the patch line for line and there is no difference. I've also made sure that the Replace value has been correct. By all...
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi, I'm Jared and have switched from Nvidia to AMD solely, for the purpose of Hackintosh. It's a great site here, and I hope to learn a lot and maybe help out some day :) Hope you're all having a good one!
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