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  1. wongdi

    Kernel panic caused by diablo Ⅲ

    cpu amd tr 2990wx graphics card amd wx8200 macOS 10.15.7 WOW fps ultra 100+, but diablo Ⅲ kernel panic. I have done the following test: all cores open, kernel panic restarts immediately after the game starts. half of the core(numa0 and numa2) ,kernel panic occurs within a few minutes after...
  2. wongdi

    GPU Performance Improved

    Is it possible to solve the problem of the host's power shutdown and restart caused by the Diablo III displaying the role selection list?
  3. wongdi

    annoying issue and bugs in x399

    my cpu is Threadripper 2990WX,motherboard rog zenith extreme,I encountered a issue and two bugs after macos installation. issue: modifying the CPU "Unknow" field in AppleSystemInfo.strings、Processors.strings cannot modify the CPU display information. bug1: how to make my graphics card...
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