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  1. Gigamaxx

    AMD RX 6000 Series Working (macOS 11.4 beta 1)

    Big Navi finally got support in BS 11.4.1 Beta. Metal scores basically double the Open CL scores. Nice to finally have the beginnings of a new level of OS support. GeekBench 5. 2714845
  2. Gigamaxx

    AMD USB Port Custom Mapping Mini Guide.

    AMD USB Port Custom Mapping Mini Guide. This is a basic simple guide to create a custom USBPorts.kext or SSDT for your AMD motherboards. There are other methods like USBMapping.kext etc., but this guide is mainly focused on the USBPorts.kext. It has been pointed ou that all the guides out...
  3. Gigamaxx

    Mini Guide for AMD AppleLAC.kext custom builds.

    AppleALC.kext AppleALC.kext is a much needed kext For AMD desktop audio. It has a long history and is continually improved upon. Over the years as new Codecs are tapped new options enter into the fold. This makes it a great tool for overall use but if you search out your ideal match in the...
  4. Gigamaxx

    Hello everyone!

    It’s good to be back (kinda) on the AMD OSX forum. Exciting breakthroughs for Ryzen chipset support from this site have made AMD Hackintosh much more popular. Looking forward to being part in f the community. It took a few log in attempts to notice that my user name was not recognized...
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