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  1. wongdi

    Kernel panic caused by diablo Ⅲ

    cpu amd tr 2990wx graphics card amd wx8200 macOS 10.15.7 WOW fps ultra 100+, but diablo Ⅲ kernel panic. I have done the following test: all cores open, kernel panic restarts immediately after the game starts. half of the core(numa0 and numa2) ,kernel panic occurs within a few minutes after...
  2. wongdi

    annoying issue and bugs in x399

    my cpu is Threadripper 2990WX,motherboard rog zenith extreme,I encountered a issue and two bugs after macos installation. issue: modifying the CPU "Unknow" field in AppleSystemInfo.strings、Processors.strings cannot modify the CPU display information. bug1: how to make my graphics card...
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