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    Error "[EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]" Cannot Install

    Probably you've tried this, but if you haven't,try to set SetupVirtualMap to false in config.plist. I had this problem, although in Catalina.
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    Shaneee's RyzenPro - 5600X, RX 480

    +1 I have the same motherboard so would love to know if I did things properly. It runs great right now, the only issue I have is sleep (I swear it was working at one point of time) and long boot time.. (25+ sec). Nice to hear it can run Big sur btw.. Edit : Also want to thank Shaneee for all...
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    Project - AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Really hope this project goes far. I have vega 56 and the performance is terrible on MacOS.
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    League of Legends on Catalina

    Would like to know also. I have a vega 56 and playing Fortnite (just to test fps :rolleyes: ) and it's getting 20-30 fps on low.. I dual boot to windows so I always go to windows to game, but just a nagging feeling that my hackintosh is not performing as it should be.
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    Hello from Jakarta!

    Hello fellow Jakartans! :) I was gonna do mini-ITX too, it's very tempting to have a small yet powerful hackintosh. But since it's my first build after about 6 years, I decided to take the safer route and go with normal sized one using NZXT h500 which I'm really happy with. But if you're...
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