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    USB not working on Asus Prime B550 Plus

    i replaced my old B350 mobo with an Asus B550 and edited OC config file for B550 and Monterey Beta, macOS boots up but i have no usb (all ports turns off during booting process) and cant pass login screen to desktop cause KB is not working. i cant find the reason OC 0.7.2 Asus Prime B550 Plus...
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    Disabling SIP on beta 9 and above

    i cant disable SIP using both 670000 and FF0F0000 value for csr-active-config which works fine on Beta4. i atached config.plist here.
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    Cant Disable SIP on OC 0.6.1

    i cant disable SIP on OC 0.6.1 EFI. (Big Sur beta 9), but its work on 0.6.0, would someone fix it for me?
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