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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    @AudioGod We are discussing in a friendly way I think Different point of view For me to have a working beta 1 or a not working beta 2 is not a problem at all It is a problem that there is not a public method or discussion to follow to help in searching this holy grail 😂 or only to learn how to...
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    @AudioGod The different point of view is understandable it is not understandable that users are thought to be idiots We are using a system that to start needs a bootloader of a memory manager and a series of patches that the devs of the bootloader we use have been defined in the past as junk or...
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    Personally I don't agree with this way of thinking, but I respect the different points of view. I can only tell you that from my point of view if I did it this way probably with the trx40 platform we would still be waiting for the indications of morgonaut and we would not have a memory manager...
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    AMD Adobe Fixes you can find here all the explanations you need by now only Morph cut transition in premiere pro does not work properly with this method (not tested warp stabiliser in AE it works fine
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    Photoshop works

    yes from 22.3.1 and greater but you have a minimal patching to do to have all stuff working (liquify, object selection tool and other)
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    @IB8 increase max kernel value 21.99.99 or similar
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    Thank you @Shaneee if you see in my verbose only three patches are not found during my first verbose stage I am no using NoOne lapic in My rig (thread ripper 3070x with MSI motherboard I am using this (that is loaded fine I think: and this for me is working till latest11.5 beta2 TRX40 is a...
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    thank you @Shaneee you mean this one?
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    @Shaneee here seems to be only three....could you expose the fourth one? Thank you
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    macOS 12

    to start or try to..we need these in qa new form :)
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    AMD Adobe Fixes

    After effects 18.2 (build 37) Photoshop 22.4 without patching nothing..only a fakeintel lib elaborated by @tomnic in this video I am using BigSur 11.5 Beta 2 with pc in my signature
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    Asus ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming, Threadripper 3960x, Asus AMD RX 6900XT, BigSur 15.5

    I know I am right :p I have studied this problem from the start because I had a Nvidia GPU and I have to use HighSierra USB driver in it was not working at all with our audio.. from Mojave and Catalina an greater our USB bridged audio was supported if you want try this delete Alcid from your...
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    Asus ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming, Threadripper 3960x, Asus AMD RX 6900XT, BigSur 15.5

    @AudioGod trx40 audio is a bit different it is a bridge from two chip and mostly is seen as USB audio not need of alcid no need of appleALC kext for it, it uses internal Apple usb audio driver His audio problem is well known to all trx40 user from the "proxmox" initial way If system starts with...
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    Photoshop Update on AMD (v22.3.1)

    Object selection tools does not work, and also many other parts (randomly it doesnt load psd or jpg or other formats
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    macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta 1

    Let see if AMD Kernel patches will survive to this :) :)
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    Da Vinci Resolve 16.2.7 Patch/Fix

    with 17.1B Build 3 released patch needed (it is the release which support new Arm M1 chip) good for us :)
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    Can i really build AMD 3960X Hackintosh?

    @ryzenmac @eye2eyespy to fix your shutdown problem you have to fill your MMIO whitelist area with correct MMIO converted value you have to add yours properly
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    BigSur 11.1 / Gigabyte TrX40 Designare Rev 1.1 / AMD Threadripper 3960x / AMD RADEON PRO WX 9100 / 128 GB 3600 MHz / OPEN CORE 0.6.4

    without any SSDT it should be like the pictures attached here (up to 20 Gb/s x2) with a proper SSDT you will see up to 40 Gb/s
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