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  1. Edhawk

    [HELP] - AMD FX8350 CPU - Open Core 0.7.1 - Not Booting.

    You need to add the latest version of the Bulldozer AMD Kernel Patches to your config.plist. There are now 46 patches in the download, your config only has 37 patches. So I am assuming you are using an older version, which are not set for Big Sur or the Monterey (Beta). Here is a link for the...
  2. Edhawk

    FX 4300 MacOS

    Using the OpenCore AMD guide you should be able to install High Sierra on your FX system. I have an FX8350/FX990/HD7870 system running Catalina using the OC guide. Just make sure you follow the guide and include the AMD patches in the config.plist. No need to use legacy install methods with...
  3. Edhawk

    how can i get mac os x el capitan on my amd athlon machine?

    Have a look at this video over at InsanelyMac - 310098-el-capitan-install-preparation The video was created by Shaneee some years ago. I used it successfully on a few old AMD hacks.
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