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    Facetime Issue

    Both the app store and the iCloud let me sign in. Facetime acts like it is signing in but then without any errors no badpassword no error like i used to get in catalina about needing to call apple for support. Face time ONCE popped up on my iPad for a conformation code it does not seem to ask...
  2. J

    You may not install to this volume because the computer is missing a firmware partition

    Not sure why im getting this when selecting the hd to install. Ive tried both apple format with partition man and os extended jornal with partition map get the same result. Side note. I had Cat installed and working on the drive. It is a SATA drive. Is this maybe the problem? What files from...
  3. J

    Your Mac has no volumes to recover. help!

    I seem to have forgotten my macos password. I updated to OC 6.3 and at first I could not load the Recovery was getting the "OCB: Loadimage failed - Unsupported" . Figured out i was missing a the HfsPlus.efi .. file. now I go to terminal and type resetpassword and it tells me "Your Mac has no...
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    Hackintool shows different SN BSN and UID

    Yea ive made sure my config.plist has the generated uid dn and sbn and i was not able to log in to facetime. But i realized that in hackintool it shows those numbers all different and not what i set in the config.plist. I have used the desktop guide and deleted all the files and reset nvram...
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    Does anyone have ACCESS_EFI_XLNC files?

    I watched a video about how to copy and modify files from the mac os efi on the windows side. And they show links with a link that always goes the same place a broken link. Looks like a reg fix that allows you to just access the mac efi partition tentatively after patching.. but cant...
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    WLAN BCM94360NG 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.0 Not showing up

    I bought this card from amazon and it works perfect in windows 10 win with a m.2 wifi to pcie adapter but in Catalina it does not work. Thought it was a plug and play card for Mac? Network only shows my ethernet. about this mac did not show a wifi or bluethooth card. Is it possibly the m.2...
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    Dual Boot OSX / Windows 10 Broken Activation

    Im currently using OC 5.9 and seems i broke windows 10 activation loading windows from the OC bootloader. Is there any way to have OC not load or something so it does not change the uuid and break windows activation when i pick windows 10 and not mac? Or will I have to add another bootloader...
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    Asus x570-p Install crash Really need some help. at a loss.

    AMD 3800x asus x570-p prime 5700 xt 32 gigs ram I get the apple screen .. then the installer crashes before it opens. I have all the bios settings setup. and updated all the kexts i could to the most current versions after it started crashing on the installer launch. Still no change :(
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    Asus PRIME X570-P Hackintosh Possible? Help please.

    No matter how many times ive tried to follow along on the AMD OS X walk through I never get any where close to being about to install OSX. I found another users posted efi directory for another asus x570 TUF mother board and that had got me the closest to being able to install. It gets me all...
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