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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 in El Capitan(Glitches - white screen flickering problem chrome)

    I got these weird glitches on my already pissed of because theres no other option to fix it. I Used the Rehabmans Laptop patches to get my gpu working....otherwise the kexts wont load. I got a 7th series Chipset with a i3 2370m(sandy bridge cpu) Ive downgraded to el...
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    Anybody knows how to get the GT710 working on Mavericks?

    CPU AMD FX 6300 GPU GT710 The last nvidia driver came out in 2016 - time where the GPU came out...... can somebody send me a working efi for Mavericks with OPENCORE?????
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    I need Help(AMD FX 6300) BIG SUR

    After i sucessfully installed Big Sur via OpenCore i got some problems. After some time (like 10-20 minutes) or even before all apps start works but all apps are crashing after some time My GPU works....its a GT710 GDDR5. What is the problem exactly? Which settings are wrong...
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    Big Sur on AMD FX-6300(Legacy Bios) possible?

    I got a GT 710 and always get a eb end error when i try to boot to big sur......can somebody share his efi????
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    Any possibility of OPEMU (32 Bit App support) on the AMD FX series?????

    I wonder why 32 bit apps are not working anymore..........crossover cant create bottles wineskin cannot install dxvk.......can somebody help me. I got the latest high sierra patch 006 on my hackintosh.
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    High Sierra 10.13.6(17G14033) AMD FX VOODOO HDA AUDIO ISSUE

    Hello guys......i got a big problem with my vanilla clover Hackintosh build First off i wanted to say that i already tried the Shanee Kernel which didnt dont boot.. i guess this version of OSX is not supported by the kernel. Can somebody help me? My Audio is Crackling and stopping...
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