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    Ryzen 5 1600AF/ XFX RX 590/ OC 0.5.8/10.15.4

    Hello guys. After days of testing, searching and patching, I could almost assure I reach the most compatible hackintosh my build allows. The specs are the ones below and the path I followed is going to be developed: Gigabyte B450m Aorus Elite XFX Rx 590 8GB Ryzen 5 1600 AF Samsung SSD EVO...
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    XFX Rx590 low performance

    Hello guys I’m trying to make a full install of catalina but I’m kinda stuck at the graphics. All works with the opencore guide (after 1 week I could completely install) but rx it’s laggy and geekbench gives about 25% of its proper characteristics. Have imacpro1,1 smbios, whatevergreen and lilu...
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