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    anyone unable to update past 11.0.1 ?

    Cant seem to get past 11.0.1 Tried fresh installing, or running updates it fails every single time. on fresh install with latest installer from apple it fails during "software update" during fresh install. Opencore 0.6.6 x570 pro radeon 5600 ryzen 5600 nvme ssd
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    DRM Content Showing Red Screen

    Same boat here, DRM works for everything except AppleTV app, just get a red screen, audio works though. OS11.1 Ryzen 5600x Radeon 5600 opencore 64
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    Adobe Photoshop 2021 crashed in AMD hackintosh

    Still crashing for me with the above fix: Crashed Thread: 56 UI Worker 1 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4...
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    Ryzen 3

    running fine for a couple weeks now, i have no figured out sleep yet...
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    Ryzen 3

    i'm on ryzen 5600x just make sure you are using opencore 0.64 and you should be good.
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    Solved ASUS TUF Gaming x570 WIFI PLUS RX 5700XT

    empty your trash.
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    MacPro7,1 Custom Memory Map

    i've been trying to do it with the config.plist opencore.. i just cant seem to find an example that uses BankLocator = P0 CHANNEL "X" not sure which banklocators should be for each section the other examples i've found are using ecc on intel..
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    MacPro7,1 Custom Memory Map

    Having a bit of trouble figuring out how to apply the guide to fix memory : I've got 2 slots of ram - 2 populated and 2 empty - Asrock x570 the quide says i need to populate 12 entiries, but I have no idea...
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    Ryzen 9 3900X, ASRock X570 ITX/TB3, Sapphire RX 5500 Pulse, Catalina

    Just wanted to say thank for the working opencore settings. I'm using a x570m pro4 matx with a radeon 5600xt and a ryzen 5600x -- everything works great in catalina, but in big sur (11.1) after a few reboots or any changes to the bios i get a blank screen where the login screen is.
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