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  1. Pulsar

    Update 11.5.2

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed, and without problems, the system update 11.5.2. Before launching the update I updated my EFI folder: OpenCore 7.2 and all available Kexts. It seems to work without problems. (y)
  2. Pulsar

    The right way to keep my EFI updated

    Hi guys, It's been almost a month since I made my first hackintosh. Thank you all for your help. I was wondering what was the right way to keep my EFI folder up to date. I saw that they released the update of Open Core (7.2) and maybe even some Kext. How can I keep my folder updated? It is...
  3. Pulsar

    WiFi / Bluetooth Card

    Good evening to all guys, I'm slowly using my hackintosh more and more. Now I would like to use all the functions between hack and iPad / iPhone. I was looking to buy a card, preferably NVME or, if there are USB, to make WiFi and Bluetooth work. Do you have any advice? By buying a component I...
  4. Pulsar

    NTFS - use other disk

    Hi guys, at the time of Bootcamp on Mac I used Tuxera to pass files from Mac to Win. I tried to install it on the Hack but I can't pass files, just copy from the NTFS disk to the Hack disk. What do you use? Are there any precautions? Thanks in advance
  5. Pulsar

    Direct boot

    Hi guys, I was wondering how I could set, aside from the BIOS settings, the direct boot of my Hack without having to manually select the boot disk all the time. Thanks (y)
  6. Pulsar

    Update 11.5.1

    Hello everybody, reading on the net I saw several users who managed to do the security update from 11.5 to 11.5.1 without problems. I tried to upgrade, reboots as required and always manually selected the boot partition. However, I was unable to install the update and, after the last reboot...
  7. Pulsar

    Apple logo during boot

    Hi guys, I would like to put the apple back, if possible, during the boot of my Hackintosh. It's possible? Is there any problem? How can I do? Thank you
  8. Pulsar

    x570 Aorus Elite - 3700X - Red Devil 5700XT

    Hi guys, I was able to successfully install macOS Big Sur on my dual boot PC with Windows 10. MoBo: X570 Aorus Elite CPU: 3700X GPU: Red Devil 5700XT RAM: Ballistix 16GB 3600Mhz CL14 SSD: Crucial 480GB OPEN CORE 0.7.1 EFI. ACPI: SSDT-EC_USBX-DESKTOP SSDT-XHC DRIVERS: HfsPlus OpenCanopy...
  9. Pulsar

    Ciao a tutti

    Hi guys! I've been an Apple user for several years, I'd say forever. For a year now I have decided, with great satisfaction, to mount my first PC. x570 Aorus ELITE 3700X Red Devil 5700XT 16GB Ballistix CL14 3600MHz more various SSDs. I've been wanting to try making a Hackintosh for a while...
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