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  1. ZippyTheCat

    how can i get mac os x el capitan on my amd athlon machine?

    hello i wanna install mac os x el cap again but i need a way to get it idc if i will have to use a distro or other way i just want to install mac os x. pc specs in the signature (+ usb :D) (also its compatible with 64 bit OSes)
  2. ZippyTheCat

    Need help! I need premade .dmg of installer mac os el capitan for my pc!

    I need an premade mac os x ElCapitan installer for my pc! I have only one usb stick. and i need either elcapitan or yosemite. literally any. but importantly so it was mac os. And i wish i was able to dual boot (Windows installed first)
  3. ZippyTheCat

    Hello there! Im looking for ElCaptian for dualboot!

    Hello, i am Zippy. I want to dual boot my pc with Yosemite or ElCaptian (because thats the what my pc can maximum handle... it has no sse4.1 only sse3) I really want to use it as my primary os.
  4. ZippyTheCat

    How can i install any version of MacOS X? And which version i can install max?

    So... I dont know where are any download links for mac os x. and my pc stats here: Motherboard: Asus M3N72 Graphics Card (or how it is called):Nvidia GT 710 Core: AMD Athlon 5000 Dual Core Ram: 8 GB
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