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  1. tony535


    I need some help getting the Ethernet to work on this board.
  2. tony535

    ProperTree-Master crashing I can't edit my config.plist Help

    every time I open ProperTree, it crashes. I delete it and try a new download same result I'm using Big Sur
  3. tony535

    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    I have a few issues I need help with, im using OC 0.6.2 1. My hack goes to sleep but when I wake it up, this is what my monitor looks like any idea how to fix this? 2. The OC guide says set Above 4G to Enable if I do that, won't boot any idea why?
  4. tony535

    how do I fix this

    I get this message on my boot up screen before I can select Mac or windows. It's there for A few seconds then the OpenCore picker comes up
  5. tony535

    Wrong CPU name in About this Mac, how do I fix this?

    In About this Mac next to processor, it says 3.6 GHz 8 cores Intel Core i5 I have a Ryzen 3700x CPU
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