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    Anyone else getting intermittent freezes in 11.4?

    Alright guys, I've ben on 11.4 for a few weeks and I have to say that macOS sucks right now. It was rock solid and stable before the update, but now I'm getting random 20-second UI freezes when doing on of those things: connect/disconnect Bluetooth earphones via the BT icon access the "most...
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    [Question] Update from Big Sur 11.0.1 to 11.1 -- direct update possible?

    Hey guys, in the past we used to have a collective thread for each macOS point update where people could post their success/fail stories and tips on how to get the update installed. I have not found such a thread for Big Sur 11.1. So I'm asking, before I update my machine: has anyone had...
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    Catalina is slow after booting up: here's the cause and fix!

    I booted up my Catalina installation tonight and it took a long time to launch apps. Finder didn't even want to start up properly. I rebooted multiple times, uninstalled several tools, checked the SSD, rebuilt the kextcache... but, it's an Apple server issue! Quote: You can see the fix at the...
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    Looks like Studio One 4 runs slow -- EDIT: SO5 runs well

    I'm testing my rig using beta 11.0.1, getting ready to deploy the release version of Big Sur tomorrow. So far all apps I've thrown at it behave the same as in Catalina except PreSonus Studio One 4. I don't have version 5 so can't test that. EDIT: I've downloaded Studio One 5 Prime and that runs...
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    Big Sur beta 10 -- installer does not go past gray screen

    Hey everyone, I've updated to OC 0.6.2, did the sanity check and added the most recent experimental Big Sur patches as well as the beta boot args. I can reach the installer but I only get to the initial gray screen with a mouse cursor (which I can move). I've waited for 10 minutes but nothing...
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