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  1. Shaneee

    Anyone can point to the right place?

    This setup would work yes but because of the GPU you'll need to use High Sierra.
  2. Shaneee

    10.15.1 Catalina installs, can't boot after update to 10.15.5

    There seems to be an error within the update then. Remove the macOS Install Data folder on the root of your drive and download it again.
  3. Shaneee

    10.15.1 Catalina installs, can't boot after update to 10.15.5

    Share an image of the kernel panic please.
  4. Shaneee

    Catalina OSX-KVM - Secondary GPU recommendation

    Pavo uses Proxmox for exactly this with one GPU. Might be worth a try.
  5. Shaneee

    Setting up after installation

    These messages mean there are settings in your config that shouldn't be there or are configured wrong. Check the OpenCore docs and run your config through this, What WiFi chip are you using?
  6. Shaneee

    AE_NOT_FOUND Error on Ryzen 7 3700X + ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F (Wi-Fi) + Catalina

    This is a known issue with B550 boards and some people are currently looking into it.
  7. Shaneee

    Does anyone have ACCESS_EFI_XLNC files?

    You be best asking @XLNC about that.
  8. Shaneee

    macOS Big Sur is on AMD

    Installer does indeed work using latest commits of OC and the KC now. You need to use FakeSMC instead of VirtualSMC for the installer though.
  9. Shaneee

    Failing to boot macOS after CPU change (3800x - 3950x)

    Update OpenCore with the latest release. Ensure you check the config for any changes or use this, If it still doesn't boot enable verbose ( -v ) and share an image of where it gets stuck.
  10. Shaneee

    Failing to boot macOS after CPU change (3800x - 3950x)

    Which bootloader page? If you are using OpenCore and can get to the boot picker I suggest clearing the NVRAM.
  11. Shaneee

    macOS Big Sur is on AMD

    No support will be given. Anything that goes wrong is yours to fix, For Windows: VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename "C:\Users\<user_name>\VirtualBox VMs\<VM_folder_name>\<file_name>.vmdk" -rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive# For Linux: VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk...
  12. Shaneee

    macOS Big Sur is on AMD

    @Aryann Gupta
  13. Shaneee

    Asus BIOS Upgrade - Stuck [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    Strange. I updated my MSI BIOS to include the Updated AMD AGESA ComboAm4v2PI patch. No changes were needed to my config.
  14. Shaneee


    The App Store is the only place. We don't support or acknowledge warez downloads at AMD OS X.
  15. Shaneee

    Big Sur AMD Ryzen 3900x Success Guide

    You can try with these commands from the shell. FS1: cd System/Library/CoreServices boot.efi If FS1: doesn't work try FS0:
  16. Shaneee

    building a 3000 Hackintosh!

    The integrated Wifi won't work on the motherboard. Check this for compatible chips to replace with.
  17. Shaneee

    BTRFS on MacOS Catalina

    From a quick search there is no support for BTFRS on macOS at all. All posts I found recommend using a minimal VM to access it from within macOS.
  18. Shaneee

    I might attempt to get the new mac os running on ryzen

    Big Sur installer won't boot. A VM or real Mac must be used for now.
  19. Shaneee

    Random freezes trying to run vanilla amd catalina installer

    Run your config through this tool and sort any errors,
  20. Shaneee

    catalina install dont wrork

    Try booting with the flag -wegnoegpu