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  1. Jae

    Have you tried Reblochon cheese?

    Have you tried Reblochon cheese?
  2. Jae


    I think you can go on the App Store and download it, given you bought it before.
  3. Jae

    Big Sur AMD Ryzen 3900x Success Guide

    Any way to upgrade (keeping files & programs) from a Catalina install?
  4. Jae

    [SOLVED] Audio devices are broken

    Greetings. I re-made a Hackintosh about a week ago and noticed my internal sound card (embedded on the motherboard) doesn't shows up in the control panel, only the audio through the Displayport of my GPU is showing (iShowU is to allow audio capture in OBS Studio). The thing is, with the...
  5. Jae

    Gaming with AMD hackintosh - World of Warcraft

    Hey! I tried to download WoW from a well known private server and it seems to run just fine, I would say that the framerate is a constant 100-130 FPS. When there is a lots of things on the screen, of course the game slows down a bit but even with that, it's largely playable. See my pc...
  6. Jae

    BTRFS on MacOS Catalina

    Do you have an idea of a software to make theses minimal VM and that can access system disks? (I tried VirtualBox but I can't figure out how to access the disk in question)
  7. Jae

    BTRFS on MacOS Catalina

    Greetings. As said in my introduction, I am also a Linux user. While on this system, I usually use BTRFS for my storage disks and I wondered if I could access them on MacOS catalina. I saw the Fuse for MacOs project but it sadly doesn't supports BTRFS. Do anyone have a driver or even a software...
  8. Jae


    Theses are minimalist, I like that. What did you used to make them?
  9. Jae

    GPU poor performance, is it because of Hackintosh?

    After some testing on different apps & games, it appears that only OpenGL is really slow (less than 20 frames per second). Does anyone knows a kext to have better performances in OpenGL apps? Thanks.
  10. Jae

    Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

    Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
  11. Jae

    GPU poor performance, is it because of Hackintosh?

    I just tried that and only got an improvement of 1-2FPS. Funny thing: Leage Of Legends runs with a minimum framerate of 130FPS with the same config, same machine (on MacOS). Edit: now, for some reason, RadeonBoost.kext makes the screen blank at startup so I had to remove it. Edit 2: downloaded...
  12. Jae

    League of Legends on Catalina

    Tested LoL on my hackintosh (see stuff & version in my signature) and it run smoothly with an average of 130FPS at any time in the game. Weirdly enough, some game like Minecraft can't go higher than 30-40 FPS. I think the Kext that allowed that to run was RadeonBoost.kext (to be confirmed).
  13. Jae

    GPU poor performance, is it because of Hackintosh?

    I don't really understand the @0,name part of your thing (sorry about that, just beginning). I went on the Vanilla guide ( and the section "Fixing DRM". I then added the shikigva=128 part (see image attached) but it doesn't fix anything.
  14. Jae

    GPU poor performance, is it because of Hackintosh?

    Thanks for the suggestion, now the performance of the GPU is generally better. Just one thing, I am tempted to try to run Minecraft but the framerate is still bad, any suggestions to improve that? (Yeah, I know, MacOS isn't made to play but I just want to try to see)
  15. Jae

    Greetings from France

    Greetings, I'm Jae and I'm from France. I am a developer who wants to know more about MacOS and how it works and because Mac hardware is too expensive, making a hackintosh is a good way to use the system. As I usually use Linux, I am a complete noob about Macs and how to do basic things on it...
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