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    BigSur beta 4 Legacy

    I use virtualSMC kext to boot bigsur without additional boot arg
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    BigSur beta 4 Legacy

    Yes i use since beta 1
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    BigSur beta 4 Legacy

    yes use beta patched
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    Help Installing Big Sur

    Are you using kernel patch? Are you using OC 0.6.0? Please give me detail whats your error
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    BigSur beta 4 Legacy

    Success run Bigsur beta 4 on my legacy FX here the spec fx 8150 radeon 7850 ga-78LMT usb3 usb 5.0 BT dongle wifi TPLINK usb Work? iService sleep shutdown usb port both 2.0/3.0 graphics acceleration wifi BT using usb dongle handoff? I don everything almost work (system) Issue? need 3...
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    OpenCore Legacy Install Error

    try use sudo and drag this command
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    Clover Experimental Patches for 10.13.x, 10.14.x and 10.15.x

    How to change abou processore name?
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