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  1. thepensivemonk

    Help to create a Hackintosh?

    This is my personal opinion, as someone who does tech support, I would strongly recommend against having someone ELSE building a Hackintosh for you. If you plan to run a Hackintosh system (which is very rewarding, don't get me wrong) you need to understand how it works and what to do when it...
  2. thepensivemonk

    Can install mac os in laptop ryzen 4600 and rx 5300

    Sorry, @erick, your laptop Ryzen CPU is not supported by OpenCore or the AMD Vanilla patches. Be sure to check the guides before trying out hardware.. it will save you a lot of time. pm
  3. thepensivemonk

    Where is the download

    @awesomeelmo I think you will need to let us know what you are trying to do. There is no formal download centre here as all the resources used in an AMD OSX build are well documented and linked in the Open Core Install Guide. pm
  4. thepensivemonk

    Sapphire vs PowerColor RX5000 series cards

    Super strange.. I have only encountered coil whine once, and it was a combo of an old Asus motherboard and a modestly recent used standard power supply. Turned out the power supply was kinda baked (working but previously overheated). Swapped a different brand and the whine went away. I have...
  5. thepensivemonk

    Can't get past reinstall Catalina

    Did you try switching which USB port the install media is in? Sometimes some USB controllers won't work at that stage. Try a motherboard USB3 port on the back.. pm
  6. thepensivemonk

    Need help with Dual Boot..

    @RiddlerA if I had to guess, I would say that is a setting on your motherboard/bios. It kinda looks like UEFI verbose log items. I don't have this motherboard, so I can't say for certain, but that doesn't look like OC boot logs. As an aside, I used to have my system set to not show the verbose...
  7. thepensivemonk

    Problems when Installing 10.15.4

    @proton, though our motherboards share chip set, I would find it very unlikely that the USB mapping file I have would work for you, but you are welcome to try it out. I actually got it from another Hackintosher with the ASRock B450 Pro4, and it has been perfect for me. I wish I could remember...
  8. thepensivemonk

    black screen with apple logo - AMD Ryzen 5

    First suggestion I would make would be to modify your OC boot so it includes "-v" and "debug=0x100" so you can see where it is failing or hanging up. Then search the guide for some tips on the fail.. pm
  9. thepensivemonk

    Need help with Dual Boot..

    This is the way I setup my dual boot system (though I use a SATA SSD for my Mac OS drive and an NVMe for my Windows system). For "seeing" the Windows NTFS drive in the Mac OS, I use a commercial software called "NTFS for Mac" from Paragon Software, but I actually hide my Windows boot drive and...
  10. thepensivemonk

    0.5.9 to 6.2?

    I recently made this version move with OC from version 0.5.9 to 0.6.3. There are some substantial differences between 0.5.x to 0.6.x and honestly it was best to start from scratch using the guide, and only copying in the key system settings (system type, simbios, boot args, etc..). Using an old...
  11. thepensivemonk

    Crashing photography apps

    No worries, figured it out. ;) I get the same instant crash on my test system. Not sure about @bojus2020, but it would not surprise me if it was the same. pm
  12. thepensivemonk

    Ryzen Hackintosh for Audio Production

    I am a bit curious about this thread as I see a lot of interest from professionals in the video and audio industry looking at Hackintosh systems as an attractive option for upgrading their production platform. When I was initially researching Hackintosh, I followed Peter Paul Chato's YouTube...
  13. thepensivemonk

    Crashed After Selecting Base Mac on OpenCore.

    It is a bit hard to judge, based on what you have shared, but as this forum is primarily for AMD-based hackintosh, you should be sure to be following the Dortania guide for your family of Intel processors when setting up your installer. Something to confirm though, your screen capture seems to...
  14. thepensivemonk

    Crashing photography apps

    On my system, possibly because I am using zsh, I doesn't appear I can launch apps via the command line (at least not with the syntax you are quoting). Though I was interested enough to re-install the app to find out.. I dug a bit deeper, and I had to run the executable directly when using the...
  15. thepensivemonk

    Crashing photography apps

    So, I thought I would test quickly on my OC 0.6.2 and Catalina 1.15.7 and the result was pretty much identical. You need to monitor the to see the actual crash information, but it is likely similar to what I found: Oct 15 15:08:07 Thyra Solar Service[1258]: notification user info:{...
  16. thepensivemonk

    GPU Performance Improved

    Though a long way from GPU intensive gaming, I can certainly see the improvement in the java version of Minecraft with these patches.. Cheers! pm
  17. thepensivemonk


    Welcome! It is my understanding that AMD laptops are trickier than desktops (though I have not attempted it myself). What I am pretty sure about is that GPU is going to be a big hurdle as I do not believe it has any Mac OS X support (and likely never will). Others here may be able to provide...
  18. thepensivemonk

    [SOLVED] BIOS doesn't read the USB Installer

    I ran into this issue with my motherboard when first installing, so maybe it might be worth checking. Ensure your USB is in a USB3 port for the install... USB2 might not work as expected until your system is running properly. --edit-- Though I see that if your USB key is the Kingston...
  19. thepensivemonk

    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    @RyzeCooker, my friend, your tip finally cleared this issue for me. Officially got updated to 10.15.7 with no issues under OC 0.6.2. That old Apple firmware file appears to have been at least part of the issue, and now I have a nice clean and up to date system. Thank you kindly! pm
  20. thepensivemonk

    Getting comfortable with OC 0.6.2

    I have been tinkering with Hackintosh for a couple of years, and this system is my third working Hack (we won't speak of the two abysmal failures..). So far I have been very happy with my AMD/OC system and it has performed every way I have needed it, with only a few minor issues that I keep...
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