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    Gigabyte Radeon 5600XT GPU fans not working

    Hi, I've recently tried to play a game from Steam on my Hackintosh, and I just realized that the GPU fans on my 5600XT never spin up even at load. Instead, I think the GPU starts to thermal throttle and graphics performance slows to a crawl. Anyone else has encountered this issue and is there a...
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    AMD 3700X X570 | Aorus Pro Wifi | Gigabyte RX5600XT

    Hi everybody! Am a first time Hackintosher and managed to successfully bring up my first desktop! Posting my setup as I don't see many Aorus Pro Wifi setups. So far, been a relatively smooth experience following the Dortania guides for Opencore bootloader. Initially, set up on OC 0.5.9 but have...
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