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    Hello I bought Ryzen 5950X the other day and replaced it with 3700X. When I try to start it, it stops in the middle of reading and cannot be started. I just replaced the CPU and updated the BIOS, and nothing else changed. When you enter -v and look at the Boot screen Darwin Image4 Varidator...
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    BigSur Bluetooth

    Help! After upgrading the OS from catarina to BigSUr, I can't use Bluetooth. I can't use the front USB 2.0 port either. wi-fi is working MB  Asus TUF B550 CPU 3700x GPU 5700XT BT Fenvi 919 OS 11.0.1
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    BD Drive

    Does anyone have a BD drive? I am having trouble using a SATA-connected BD drive. The one with USB connection is working without any problem. CPU:Ryzen 3700X GPU:Radeon 5700XT MB :ASUS TUFB550 OS :BigSur OC 0.6.4 Also, after switching to Big Sur, I can no longer use Bluetooth. Help!!
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    [Help!!]3700X,ASUS TUF GAMING B550 PLUS,ASROCK 5700XT,

    Nice to meet you. I am doing Hackintosh at OPEN CORE to edit the video, but the installer does not start up with the following error... How would you proceed? I would appreciate your help. *I am Japanese and not very good at English. I'm sorry if you're rude. err WL:PWLFNV] Err(0xE) @GV...
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