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    X570 Thunderbolt broke on update and stays broken even on rollback

    Yeah, I tried that too. I've tried like 15 different EFI's from various builds on the internet as well as completely stripped down EFI's. I truly can't understand why it's not working now.
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    X570 Thunderbolt broke on update and stays broken even on rollback

    This problem has been driving me crazy. I have an ASROCK X570 Creator with onboard TB3. I was running Catalina with OC0.5.9 with just about everything working. I decided maybe it was time to update, so I pulled out the NVME and put in an entirely new one. Used AudioGod's 0.6.9 EFI to install...
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    Big Sur on X570 Creator (sleep/wake works)

    Excellent. Have you updated to 11? If so, does the thunderbolt work?
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    Big Sur on X570 Creator (sleep/wake works)

    Curious what your status is with this. Been thinking about installing Big Sur, but I need both 10G and Thunderbolt and haven't seen anyone anywhere confirm that they can get both working on Big Sur. Anyone out there have experience/actually been able to get both these working on BS?
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    how to DUAL Vega 64

    Does FCPX natively support multi GPUs natively? I know you can select which GPU to use, but not sure about multi-GPU. Not sure it would matter much anyway. When I run premiere with my multi GPU rig it almost never touches the second GPU. However, running Nuke, Davinci, or Octane, I see both...
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    [SOLVED] Cinema 4D R22 and R23 Fail to load

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem where R22 will begin loading, but stick on "initalizing layout" forever. And R23 just crashes outright. Guessing there may be an Intel library it's looking for or something? Here's a shortened crash report. UPDATE: I replaced the...
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    Building Ultimate Hackintosh Ryzentosh compatibility check.

    Looks Like Morgonaut did it. Would like to know if you can get Thunderbolt to work on a TRX40.
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    Super dumb OpenCore question but can't seem to find the answer anywhere

    That worked! Knew it was something simple. Thanks @Shaneee
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    Super dumb OpenCore question but can't seem to find the answer anywhere

    When I first installed 0.5.6 back in the day, when I booted and the OpenCore menu popped up whatever I last selected would already be highlighted. This made it simple for me to boot, walk away, and when I came back it would be booted from the right disk. However, ever since I moved to 0.6.0, I...
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    Big Sur on X570 Creator (sleep/wake works)

    Good work on the Gigabyte. For now I'm stuck with the Creator. I am still having problems with the Aquantia 10GB port, even when I copied all the patches directly from the one config to the other. Then I tried using the EFI as is with added system info and npci=0x2000 since bios 3.10 doesn't...
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    looking to move to an Asrock X570 gaming + 3600xt setup

    1. I have only heard of a few rare cases where sleep works flawlessly. 2. I am not quite done with my EFI so haven't uploaded it to github yet, but you can find plenty on there if you just do a search. 3. Dortania is the definitive guide and every hackintosher should be very familiar with it.
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    Big Sur on X570 Creator (sleep/wake works)

    @CaseySJ & @Allubz nice work for continuing the path forward on this build. (y):p Just read through this thread and it's super helpful for some of the stuff I've been working on. Sorry I've been out of the discussion on this MB for so long but was working in actual work the last few months and...
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    Davinci Resolve crashing on start

    Lifesaver! Thank you!
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    I can confirm that this is a problem specifically with High Sierra. Even the Apple keyboard I was using only shows up as a hub with none of the ports working for expansion. I spent 2 weeks troubleshooting the mouse not working, since it's receiver was plugged into the keyboard, and the keyboard...
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    High Sierra OpenCore Blinking Dash on Boot

    Is there a reason you are starting with High Sierra? In my experience High Sierra has way more issues than Catalina with install and getting things working. Since you have an AMD GPU it would only make sense to install the most recent OS. In fact, I might be able to dig up an EFI folder I used...
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