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    2 GPU's help please

    yes i also have 1080ti for windows and rx460 for macOS
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    Please help ! BCM94352Z Wifi not work

    does it work in windows?
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    System Preferences --> Processor : 4,1 Intel Core i5 8 Core (WAY ?)
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    Big Sur on X570 Creator (sleep/wake works)

    hi, i am mapping my usb for my motherboard to fix sleep, how can i know what cause my system still running while the screen already goes sleep?
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    What about the cpu name ?

    i edited the .strings by sublime text thats' why things messed up, works fine now
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    What about the cpu name ?

    i managed to run the code below but yet still the cpu name is not changed i even changed the strings for all the languages i found in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AppleSystemInfo.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ does anyone knows how to fix?
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    What about the cpu name ?

    yes i pretty sure i did disable those
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    What about the cpu name ?

    hi , thanks for respond, but now i got this
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    What about the cpu name ?

    i cant get pass the step 7, do u know why?
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    [SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem
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    Can install mac os in laptop ryzen 4600 and rx 5300

    you are not buying ryzen laptop for hackintosh
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    [SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem

    just updated and solved beautifully
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    [SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem

    i just said good buy to my 3600 and add the 5600x to my system. i fresh installed macOS Big Sur on my new system but audio seems not working, too much noise and stutter there's number of people on facebook that facing the same problem, so im not sure what causes that, new CPU or new OS? my...
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    after updating latest bios, system restarts after shutdown

    lately my system instant restarts after shutdown i guess because of i upgraded the latest bios of my mobo (X570 Hero 8 Wifi) i am working on this but the step : "To find the USB Controller that needs fixing, search for _PRW in your DSDT and see what Device is mentioned within it, generally this...
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    x570 hackintosh cannot boot after updating BIOS

    thanks guys, i solve the problem messing around with booter's quirks config as you guys mentioned above
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