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    Dell Inspiron 5593

    I made some progress today. About this Mac now says what kind of Mac it is and the serial number shows. FaceTime and Messages working internal mic is working Things to work on 1. Figure out why the screen boots up dim then takes about 3 to 4 minutes to get bright. 2. I can put the laptop to...
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    Dell Inspiron 5593

    Thank you for that config.plist it works but the screen backlight is very dim while booting up and it takes about 3 to 4 minutes then the brightness comes back. In About this Mac Mac doesn't say the name of the MacBook Air Processor says 1.19 Ghz Unknown Serial Number Unavailable. I used...
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    [Pre-Release] macOS Monterey

    I upgraded to OC 0.7.1 today no issues
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    My wifi card has a USB 2.0 cable connected to the header on the motherboard. USB 2.0 Ports on the back is working. I needed to use a kext to discover all my ports to enable my USB 2,0 both onboard and on the back of the Motherboard.
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    My hack not booting

    After disconnecting the power cord, and removing the Cmos battery, press and hold down the power button for a few seconds wait about 30 seconds then put back the Cmos battery, power cord power on then go into bios and adjust you settings you had previously to allow Mac to boot on your...
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    Fenvi AV 1200 (did I buy a wrong model?) - issues in Big Sur

    I use this model fenvi T919 plug and play . Sidecar doesn't work everything else is fine
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    Everything is Working | Ryzen 5 3600 | MSI B450M MORTAR MAX | Radeon RX 570

    Nice build. how did you get this icon here?
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    ok thank you
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    @AudioGod I Have a 3700x cpu. if I apply the above process to get the cpu name shown correctly, is there a different set of numbers I have to enter under PlatformInfo ----> Processor type?
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    YES!!! THANK YOU 🍻
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    1. mount my efi folder 2. added the kext into the kext folder 3. open properTree-Master open select efi then OC snapshot then OC clean snapshot kext is listed under kernel its #7 for me PlatformInfo processor type change from 0 to 1537 4. save and reboot reset NVRAM also still the same
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    hi I did your suggestion now its back to 3.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5. Did I miss a step? PlatformInfo ----> ProcessorType was 0 changed to 1537
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    Fine Tuning ASRock B450M Pro4

    updated OC to 0.6.9 Updated Big Sur to 11.4 Bata (20F5055c) I noticed in about this Mac, Processor 3.6 GHz Unknown. That's new it use to say Intel core i5 etc. As far as I can tell she's running fine
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    How do I get into safe mode with OC from the bootloader menu?

    i'm trying to figure this out also help anyone
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