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    msi b550m alcs1200a no audio

    Did you use alcid=??? I used DeviceProperties layout-id and alc-layout-id and it refused to patch AppleHDA.
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    how to update opencore ?

    Dortania has a guide at To summarise: Replace older Bootx64.efi, Bootstrap.efi, OpenCore Drivers, Kexts and Tools with the new version Use tools such as OCConfigCompare to compare the differences between the newer...
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    Need help to install Catalina on my AMD build. (3950x - B550i - 5700XT)

    Did you use NVMeFix? Your storage looks like it's an NVMe.
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    Support 19h

    AMD introduced their new Zen 3 architecture CPU on November 5th. The Zen 3 architecture introduced major changes to the architecture, and also has a new family number: 19h. It does not seem that the patches will work with the new Zen 3 architecture. Can anyone add support for it? Much...
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    Problem with iMessage and FaceTime

    Have you done checking your serial, fixing en0, cleaning out your old attempts and clean up your Apple ID?
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    FaceTime Error

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    Big Sur installer crashes at 12 minutes remaining in the USB boot phrase. It says something related to EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY. What does this error mean and how do I fix it?
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    VMware and Catalina and OpenCore

    I want the latest version of Catalina to simplify my life (as the version uploaded to the VMware Guide is not up to date and update it would brick the VM INSTANTLY). I loaded the macOS Installer and OpenCore into my USB and booted my VM from the USB drive. But it gets stuck at this screen and...
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    Update bricks

    Is there any way to safely install macOS Updates (more specifically on VMware)?
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    Big Sur on VMware?

    That CPUID trick never works for me.
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    Big Sur on VMware?

    I think that the problem is in my side as I was trying to load the installer.
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    Big Sur on VMware?

    . Tried VMware Player, still that error message, so I think the EFI is the problem. Does anyone have a working EFI?
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    Big Sur on VMware?

    Anybody knows how to install macOS Big Sur on VMware?
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    Big Sur on VMware?

    How did you get it to work?
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    10.15 Catalina VMware USB Mouse/Keyboard not functioning

    Try letting the machine idle (do not touch it) for 2 minutes.
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