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    GPU Performance Improved

    Sorry for the late reply, I had a busy week at work. I'll see what I can do, will have to edit out my serial and motherboard id and stuff. But it's a great hardware combo, it runs rock solid. I'll message you once I got round to it (or are you REALLY waiting on it?) ;)
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    How to transfer video to Mac OS easily?

    I use Softorino YouTube Converter. It's paid software (20 bucks) but well worth it. edit I've been using it for ages (and bought a standalone version in 2019) but it seems they've switched to a subscription model for version 2. Booh.
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    Help, Need to press Enter Key Several Times to show Login Screen

    Is the keyboard wired? Maybe try a different port?
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    GPU Performance Improved

    Wait, people actually game under macOS? (Not being snarky, I reboot to Windows because I think that's the greatest advantage of genuine dual booting ;) What is recommended? I do have Steam but most games I'm interested in are Windows-only anyway) I reran the test two times with no other running...
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    GPU Performance Improved

    Ran a Geekbench 5 Metal test before and after patching and it went from 49525 to 50406. Seriously, it's amazing that patching can squeeze out more performance! Thanks for your hard work!
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    [SOLVED] Weird artifacts when installer loads with B550 board

    Add agdpmod=pikera in your boot arguments to see if it helps.
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    AMD USB Port Mapping

    For what it's worth, the HibernationFixup didn't work for me. I've also mapped ports and have that ITE device (never realised it might be for the RGB :unsure:). When I'm feeling up to it I might map that out and see if that does anything.
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    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    :) So glad to hear it! Also happy the jump to the latest OpenCore went smoothly. Enjoy your panic free system!
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    Curious: what does / how do you set MemoryFormFactor?

    There is very little documentation of the entry for MemoryFormFactor, beyond what is simply stated in the docs: MemoryFormFactor Type: plist integer, 8-bit Failsafe: OEM specified SMBIOS: Memory Device (Type 17) — Form Factor Description: Memory form factor. On Macs it should be DIMM or SODIMM...
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    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    Ha, that's exactly my approach too. First test on a stick, only then change things on the boot drive. I use Lilu and Friends to grab the latest kexts. Switched to 0.6.2 yesterday and that went pretty smoothly. (y)
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    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    It couldn't hurt, just keep a copy of your current working EFI just in case. 0.6.2 just came out today, so it's probably best to make the big leap, if you're going to do the work anyway. :)
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    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    Is there anything in the APPLE > EXTENSIONS folders? That would be my prime suspect. Later versions of OpenCore (I'm running 0.6.1 0.6.2 myself) have options like the boolean run-efi-updater so you can safely do without that APPLE folder. I can't remember when that was introduced exactly... (On...
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    10 GBe reccomendations

    You're the MVP by posting a fix. People from the future with similar problems will thank you! ;)
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    Can't Stop popping and crackling via USB Audio Interface

    That's good to hear! You may want to try and map your usb ports if you haven't already. It's a one time Hassle (with a capital H) but could then rule out some kind of misinterpretation by macOS of the ports your motherboard has. Technolli has a guide for Intel Hackintoshes, you can skip the...
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    AMD USB Port Mapping

    Yeah, it won't come back on. I'll give that fix a try, cheers!