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    Anyone else getting intermittent freezes in 11.4?

    Alright guys, I've ben on 11.4 for a few weeks and I have to say that macOS sucks right now. It was rock solid and stable before the update, but now I'm getting random 20-second UI freezes when doing on of those things: connect/disconnect Bluetooth earphones via the BT icon access the "most...
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    Photoshop Update on AMD (v22.3.1)

    Photoshop 22.4 just crashes on startup. It doesn't run at all. I have the last kernel patches (those are four months old now) and I'm on Big Sur 11.2.3. PS 2020 did run but it crashes when selecting a font, and Adobe's recommendation is to update Photoshop. Maybe it's time to ditch PS and go try...
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    AMD power management: CPU never under 2,9Ghz

    I was afraid of that, yeah. Thanks.
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    AMD power management: CPU never under 2,9Ghz

    I'd like to reopen this question. I'm on Big Sur 11.1 with a new 5600X on an X570 mobo. With AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.kext I seem to get no further than 25W minimum CPU power consumption, with temperatures hovering around 47°C. However, in Windows 10 with AMD chipset drivers and the "Ryzen...
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    Help! Catalina Vs Big Sur.

    I'd like to know that too. Just updated to 11.1...
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    NTFS for Big Sur

    I tried using Mounty and it gave me one problem: every time I touched a file (i.e. opening it), it would set a new timestamp for "date modified". I know it's not Mounty's fault, but macOS's. Anyway, I don't like this behaviour at all, so I switched back to Paragon.
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    [SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem

    I actually came here again to look for posts on the freezes. Yes, I do get very short freezes on my mouse cursor whenever Safari loads a page, for example, or when the NTFS driver accesses a big list of files/folders in Finder. It does not bother me but it's a new symptom that did not occur with...
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    [SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem

    Upgraded to a 5600X and had the same issue. OC 0.6.5 and new patches fixed it!
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    AudioGod's Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro, Pro Wifi, Ultra & Master - Big Sur & Monterey Beta - OpenCore 0.7.3 EFI

    I'm using MacPro7,1, still on OC 0.6.2 right now. The mobo is an MSI X570 Carbon WiFi. BIOS is one version older than the current one as I have yet to update. It's no big deal about Safari, I simply use Firefox for these things, which doesn't make a fuss about HDCP. I will check the DRM section...
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    Looks like Studio One 4 runs slow -- EDIT: SO5 runs well

    Maybe @AudioGod could chime in on these questions, given his name. :P
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    AudioGod's Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro, Pro Wifi, Ultra & Master - Big Sur & Monterey Beta - OpenCore 0.7.3 EFI

    @AudioGod , gosh darn, that is a cute kitty! I saw you got Netflix to play in Safari. When I googled the issue initially I found posts about real Macs not being able to play Netflix. It has to do with HDCP, right? What's different between your machine and mine that allows you to use Safari for...
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    [Question] Update from Big Sur 11.0.1 to 11.1 -- direct update possible?

    Hey guys, in the past we used to have a collective thread for each macOS point update where people could post their success/fail stories and tips on how to get the update installed. I have not found such a thread for Big Sur 11.1. So I'm asking, before I update my machine: has anyone had...
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    NTFS for Big Sur

    Tuxera is REALLY slow. Try copying a big video file to an NTFS hard disk (not an SSD), you'll see it's slower than it should be. Also, while copying the file, try accessing anything on that hard disk. It will take ages. I actually purchased a license for Tuxera NTFS since I found it was a fair...
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    Catalina is slow after booting up: here's the cause and fix!

    I booted up my Catalina installation tonight and it took a long time to launch apps. Finder didn't even want to start up properly. I rebooted multiple times, uninstalled several tools, checked the SSD, rebuilt the kextcache... but, it's an Apple server issue! Quote: You can see the fix at the...
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