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    VirtualBox causing instability

    Hey you got onboard Wifi and bluetooth working ?
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    11.3 Beta 1 installation stucks

    Hi, tried to update to 11.3 beta 1 from 11.2. Update Stucks on first reboot with kernel panic. Tried latest oc0.6.6 and also old working 0.6.5. system boots fine with both. Older updates went fine with 0.6.5. maybe we need updated kernel patches. Everything that worked before, trying to fix...
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    Luminar ai

    Thanks, works fine for me, too !!!
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    Luminar ai

    Also tried patches but just crashing on start.....
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    Metal disperformance and sleep/wake error.

    Don’t use geekbench. Try Lux Mark. It’ll give you precise results.
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    Da Vinci Resolve 16.2.7 Patch/Fix

    I got problems with hanging on splash screen. Reason was I blocked accidentally the internet connection with a firewall.
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    ProperTree-Master crashing I can't edit my config.plist Help

    Install Python 3. recreate propertree. If it didn’t work, use compiled version
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    Update stuck

    You can use latest stable patches. Did you rebuild your config when updating it ? Try restarting from scratch using dortonia guide. That always fixed my problems. I tried some tools, but they’re not as good as the guide. Try sanity checker after that.
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    Luminar v.4.3. Patch/Fix

    Thanks, works fine here on BS 11.1 Beta 1
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    Big Sur 11.1 beta

    So as there is a new beta, tried to update and everything went fine. No problems with opencore 0.6.3 and latest stable patches for Ryzen. System seems to be smoother. No more slow dock for me. It was a bit choppy if safari was opened. Have fun with new beta
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    Audio Fix

    As far as I know is there Voodoo hda the only fix. For me the quality was terrible and not a big deal, because I’m using usb microphone.
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    Da Vinci Resolve 16.2.7 Patch/Fix

    Just tried 17. old fix is working also.
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    Da Vinci Resolve 16.2.7 Patch/Fix

    Anyone tried davinci resolve 17 ?
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    Big Sur Release Candidate - 20B5022a

    Try AppleDebug Yes SecureBootModel Disabled your config isn’t right. Some entrys are missing. Also you should better switch OC to 0.6.3 and rebuild your config from scratch with dortonia guide. Be sure to use experimental kernel patches. should fix some bugs with big sur
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    Big Sur beta 10 -- installer does not go past gray screen

    It’s language problem. Change string prev-Lang:kbd to en-US:0 this will fix grey screen. And clean nvram