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    [SOLVED] Opencore no longer showing at startup- Requires USB

    Basically I deleted the EFI Folder on the main drive, and copied the EFI folder from the USB. My Bios had UEFI disabled (and is now enabled).
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    [SOLVED] Opencore no longer showing at startup- Requires USB

    hi, I recently tried to update to the latest version, but stuffed up completely. I was running 0.5.7? I just did a setup and was able to boot up using 0.6.2, however Opencore no longer shows up unless I use the USB key to startup. Without the USB key, it only shows the SSD's as well as Windows...
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    MacOS no longer booting, nor Bootcamp showing up???

    My system had been running great, however in the last month, my boot options no longer show. Despite pressing number 2 repeatedly, I can no longer boot into MacOs. I assume this is maybe as a result of a Windows update/opencore conflict? Prior to this I was able to boot into MacOS and would see...
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    No internet Access, despite being connected

    I figured it out. I plugged an Ethernet cable in, still no action. Did I download a dodgy program? hmmmm Nord VPN was the problem. Soon as I uninstalled, everything started working again. Also, still nothing showing on boot-up. Fortunately I just keep pressing 1 to enter Windows on startup. I...
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    No internet Access, despite being connected

    This is weird. I now have no Internet access, yet I can open Terminal up and ping the Router, as well as external ip addresses. However, Chrome and Safari don't work, and neither does mail or spotify. I have been looking and tried resetting NVRAm. It says I am connected with 5 Green bars. The...
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    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    Hi, Great Stuff that it was successful. If you can please edit the title to include [SOLVED] at the beginning.
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    Help ME please

    Here is a video showing it on High Sierra. I saw someone saying they had it up and running on a 2200g on this site in the announcements. If you have a spare Hard drive, you can always give Catalina a try. What type of Mainboard do you have? Also, check on Dortania in the releveant section if...
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    Rx580 gpu issues [solved]

    Sorry for the delay. It was on Discord SUNNY (TTL)09/08/2020 AMD Motherboards BIOS Settings for macOS installation: Disable: Fast Boot Secure Boot Serial/COM Port Parallel Port Compatibility Support Module (CSM)(Must be off, GPU errors like gIO are common when this option in enabled) Special...
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    AsRock B550M Pro4, Ryzen 5 3600, can't install.

    Hi, maybe edit your title to read [SOLVED] at the beginning. Also, congratulations.
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    AsRock B550M Pro4, Ryzen 5 3600, can't install.

    There are known issues with sleep/hibernation and AMD CPU's. There is further info here For AMD: Fret not, for their is still hope for you as well! AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.kext can add power management to Ryzen based CPUs. Installation and usage is explained on the repo's - I have...
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    [SOLVED] - Issues with Wireless Mice and USB Hard Drives & Thumb Drives

    Hi, I have been under the assumption for the last 4 weeks that my USB mapping was not complete, despite Hackintool saying otherwise. I have a Logitech M585 mouse and a Logitech MX anywhere keyboard. Both are Bluetooth, as well as supporting the Logitech Unifying Receiver. I did have them both...
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    AMD USB Port Mapping

    I used Hackintool to check my USB ports. I had similar issues with IORegistry. Good Luck.
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    The 'other' forum now supports AMD.

    I use it begrudgingly. Too many Apple fanboys on there. ;)
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    I can not install hackintosh on my computer

    Congratulations. As Apple have never supported an AMD processor, it won't display correctly. If you download Hackintool, it should display the correct specs. Also, check your Bios settings against what is in Dortania as per below. AMD BIOS Settings #Disable Fast Boot Secure Boot...
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    The 'other' forum now supports AMD.

    I just saw someone replied to one of my 'banned' posts on that site, and I saw Shaneee's build on there. ;) I'll probably do the same so I can help 'spread the word' of AMD running MacOS. My work colleagues are impressed, especially when they saw the benchmarks. IK would say my build is near...
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