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    x570 Aorus Elite - 3700X - Red Devil 5700XT

    Excellent! I was an Intel user for years and only switched (back) to AMD because of cost (and Intel's attitude) and was shocked at how "vanilla" my system is. I too can not seem to get sidecar to work. Maybe it's very dependant on the Bluetooth dongle used as Bluetooth in general works with what...
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    x570 Aorus Elite - 3700X - Red Devil 5700XT

    @Pulsar I have the same mobo and CPU and have an EFI that's mostly identical to yours, except my 'hack runs 100%. Did you ever get iMessage working? For me it worked OOB and see no reason why yours does not. I even can take calls and FaceTime. Also, why bother with port mapping? For me, all USB...
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    Solved High Sierra 10.13.6!!! Karnel Panic After 1 Year without Problems

    I just had a very similar experience Max! I was gaming in Windows all day, and when I switched back to Mac OS I got a KP! I don't use verbose but during startup and got to the point when the keyboard/mouse would blink on/off (ya know, normal behaviour), it would blink off but never on, instead...
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    Solved High Sierra 10.13.6!!! Karnel Panic After 1 Year without Problems

    How is your Windows boot behaving? Any issues while in Windows 10?
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    Solved Help me please (not booting after update)

    Before updating use either OpenCore Configurator or Hackintool to see if the Kexts need updating. As you can see, my kexts are out of date. No problems for 11.4 but prior to 11.5 (or 12.0) I will for sure be updating the kexts. Too many times I have been stung by the "if it works, don't...
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    Gaming Performance?

    potential poor quality audio. My RX Vega 64's audio works flawlessly.
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    No sleep and shut down restarts

    Hey guys, I have an X570 Elite and everything works 100% with zero issues with sleep. Here is my EFI folder for you to try (minus the S/N). Hope this helps. O.C. 0.6.9 BIOS 33h The only changes I made to the BIOS after loading optimized defaults was enabling XMP and selecting Mac OS as the boot...
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    Gigabyte x570 AQRUS Xtreme Attempt(10.13 High Sierra) OpenCore 6.9 - Stuck

    VLC plays 4K HDR just fine for me.
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    Windows 10 update weirdness

    Windows can kiss my ass! Clean install, only used for gaming, and had to reinstall Windows 10 3 times over the past year after updates, including the latest. I initially got the weirdness you had, but it seemed to have fixed itself after I used the Windows Boot manager to boot over O.C. (which...
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    Fix CPU Name with RestrictEvents

    I just plopped the kext in the folder, added it to the confit.plist and BAM! Nice work!
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    Solved RX Vega 64 choppy graphics after 11.3 update

    I did, and noticed that Shaneee's was un-checked in OC config (looked redundant). Hmm, will look into this later, thanks! :cool: Edit: This seems to have done the trick, mostly. Gaming seems fixed, Heaven is still choppy. Oh well.
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    Solved RX Vega 64 choppy graphics after 11.3 update

    Hey folks, After I updated to Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 graphics performance has become choppy and laggy. Things like Finder, Safari, and generally all run-of-the mill apps are all super snappy and responsive (as usual), however games such as SC2 and Civ 6 suffer from choppiness and lag. Even Heaven...
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    Unable to upgrade from 11.2.3 to 11.3

    Could you post your new EFI? Having troubles with the patch and would like to compare.
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    How to get HDR working?

    Not sure why you all are having issues as I literally just plugged in the HDMI cable and turned the "black level" (what Samsung calle brightness ) to 0. Like I said in my original post, you HAVE to mess with YOUR TV's settings. My TV Model is Samsung Q6DR49 (Canadian model, Q60R is the actual...
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    How to get HDR working?

    I have no issue with 4K HDR content with my Samsung QLED properly registering and displaying the correct format in Windows or Big Sur, it just works. However, you will have to mess with the gamma settings on your LG manually to get the picture looking normal and not washed out. For me, I had to...
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